About Us

As early since 1994 we have been a prestigious supplier of information and automated systems. We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs and requirements in the fields of electrical and control systems, the measurement and control.

Since the company establishment in 1993, the development of the operational energy management for multi-purpose buildings and facilities has been carried out. We build our business philosophy on continuous monitoring of global trends in the development of control systems and their application within the framework of our services, cooperation with specialized companies and scientific teams, the most flexible and welcoming approach to all wishes and needs of our customers, both in terms of time and acceptance of requirements for non-standard solutions and using high quality components from renowned manufacturers. Adhering to all fair business rules towards our business partners has been an integral part of our business policy. If a customer decides to use our services, he will undoubtedly appreciate the high quality of delivered components, performed works and services as well as the professional approach to business partners.

  • professional approach to project solutions
  • solution of professionally specific orders
  • extensive expertise
  • cooperation with renowned technology manufacturers
  • own software development
  • development of control systems
  • international recognition in the field of the applied electrical engineering
  • high credit with business partners

Code of fair business

Our company EXAKT spol. s r.o. have had a proper regard for customer interests and has acted in accordance with fair business, advertising, and marketing policies.


  • we do not use misleading, deceptive or dishonest business practices that potentially cause a risk of harming our customers' interests
  • we do not disclose information that is potentially misleading, deceiving or dishonest
  • we act in accordance with all of our public communications regarding business policy and business practices in its customer transactions
  • we do not favour unilaterally advantageous contractual terms
  • we provide accurate, understandable and easily accessible information about ourselves allowing for at least:
    • responsive, easy and effective customer communication
    • adequate and effective resolution of disputes, in particular settling complaints within the legal period or earlier