ELVAX application

ELVAX is a user-aided (graphic) superstructure for monitoring and managing controllers of the ¼ hour maximum. It belongs to the ever-expanding family of SIR XP and SIR Xpert products. It can be run alone or, thanks to a modular solution, it can be easily integrated with any other SIR XP, SIR Xpert application to extend the capabilities of your SIR system.

Technical characteristics elvax-application

The ELVAX concept consists of process parts (data collection, active control of the appliance, etc.) and the controlling, management part (control parameter settings, manual control, etc.).

The process part consists of a control unit (PLC) with a maximum of 32 controlled appliances. One or more control units may be installed. Each Machine Control Unit or Group of Controllers can be connected to a Human Machine Interface (HMI). HMI lets you preview the control or change of parameters in PLC you choose, for example, if the PC station is unavailable. The management control as a standard consists of a PC station that runs the ELVAX software application.

Remote control and monitoring is a part of the solution through the Internet. The user has full control over the power consumption. In addition, the user has valuable data to plan and implement the consumption plan.

  • energy consumption planning
  • setting and description of controlled appliances / loads
  • setting parameters to control the use of reserved capacity
  • overview of measured values
  • recording statutes in the technology (e.g. pump operation, manual control)
  • monitoring of fault states
  • control according to dispatching levels
  • online help for finding prompt control help
  • the ability to report abnormal states, events or failures via emails, SMS management of users (accesses, granting permission to change settings)