Low-voltage applications

CCTV systems

Draft technical solutions: : recorders, cameras, IP cameras, HD-TVI (turbo) cameras, analogue cameras, thermal cameras, HD-SDI cameras, lenses, camera covers, semi-darkness, monitors, keyboards, , matrix system, SW, wireless transmission, video-servers, encoders and decoders, emotion, special cameras, holders, power supplies, cables, connectors, accessories.

Systems: Hikvision, Dynacolor, Grundig, IR Lab, Panasonic, SEEnergy, WesternDigital, Metel

IT Systems Structured Cabling and Optical Networks

Structured cabling: Structured cabling: data cables, patch panels, keystone, sockets, patch pins, connectors, other accessories. Optical components: pigtails, connections, patch-cables, OM3, tubs and cassettes, switchboards, sockets, optics connection. Cables: metallic, optical, telecommunication, EZS cables, coaxial cables, spec. cables. Data switchboards, wall-mounted, stand-mounted, server, 10". Rittal switchboards: (small cabinets, compact switchboards, cabinet systems, IT cabinets, counters - computer cabinets - industrial workstations, control cabinets - racks - carrying arms, hygienic design, stainless steel, special applications, outdoor cabinets. Telecommunication: Distribution Boxes, MRK, MIS, SIS, Flat Telephone Cables, Twisted Cords, Terminal Blocks and Accessories, Drawers, Couplings, Glands, etc.

Sound systems, evacuation radio

Sound systems, fire alarm systems, congress and interpreting systems, patient-nurse hospital systems, fire-resistant cables and carrier systems.

Equipment: Bosch, Messoa, TOA, RSC, Ambient

Fire alarm system EPS

Analog systems, conventional systems, safes and OPPOs, sirens and beacons, special detectors, autonomous detectors, detectors for EZS, holding magnets, sources according to EN 54-4, test tools, suction systems, ex. environment, smoke video detection, fire-resistant cables, and carrier systems. GEZE - Early exhaust ventilation system in conjunction with EPS

Systems: Labor Strauss, Systém Sensor, Unipos, Schrack, Apollo F1, Apollo F2, Zettler, Esser

Electronic security alarm signalling - EZS EZS

PIR detectors - outdoor/indoor, PIR/MW detectors - outdoor/indoor, EPS and environmental detectors, vibrational, magnetic contacts. Wireless elements, communicators - for fixed line / GSM / IP, signalling elements, fogging system, emergency detectors, sirens, beacons, perimeter, automation - thermostats, floor sensors, wireless modules - transmitters / electrical thermometers, etc.

Alarm systems: Prosys, Galaxi – dimension, Genesis, Agility, Light Sys, Wisdom, Buldog, Runner, Jablotron JA-100, Jablotron OASIS, Jablotron Profi, Jablotron AZOR, Satel Integra, Satel Versa, DSC.

UPS sources

Backed-up and non-backed-up sources, accumulators, backed-up source modules, modules, transformers, plug power supplies, desktop power supplies, EZS and CCTV sources, power supplies for LED lighting, UPS, EPS sources according to EN 54-4, metal sheet covers, plastic covers, inverters.

Systems: Comelit, Eaton, Fiamm GS, Ultracel, Jablotron, KPZ elektronik, Meanwell, Pulsar, Tronic, Legrand, Alarmguard, NSC, Schmachtl CZ


Telephone exchanges, devices, fax machines, ADSL modems, IP equipment etc.

Systems: Alcatel, Alphatech, Gigaset, Panasonic, Siemens etc.

Attendance and access ACS systems

Comprehensive and system solutions for electronic systems. Comprehensive deliveries including analysis, assembly, installation, implementation and user training.

Attendance records - Automation of the basis for the calculation of wages/salaries, including an on-line overview of employee movement. Electronic Entry Control - Entry door control system with the ability to define multiple levels of access rights for individual persons. Meal ordering and dispensing - Order automation, over the counter sale, dispensing control, and billing meals in canteens. Manufacturing Operations, Human Resources - Recording the time spent by employees on orders, staff records within the attendance system.

Systems: Aktion, Satel Integra 64, ACCO, MCA, C.D.V.I., Dahua, Rosslare, Syris.

House telephones

House communication audio-systems - classic multi-wire, two-wire, with DALLAS key or the contactless RFID, gateways to the PBX, accessories. House communication video systems - currently also with HandsFree videophones, video - black and white, colour, IP videophones. Electrical installation material - switches, sockets, boxes, terminals, tubes, cables, storage systems, etc. Telephone devices - standard, above and standard, industrial, non-explosive. Telephone sockets, plugs and reducers. Electric horns and bells. Telephone exchanges - Telephone systems - Comprehensive corporate communication solutions. Multichannel GSM/UMTS Gateways, Single Channel GSM/UMTS Gateways.

Systems: 2N, Tesla Stropkov, Urmet, Hikvision, Comelit, Panasonic, Legrand, Assa Abloy, ICS.

Industrial clocks

Tower and facade clocks, Belling and Ringing, Indoor analogue clocks, Industrial displays, Exterior analogue clocks, Digital thermometer and time/data indicator (DT Series), Displays (DS Series), Standard Single Time Distribution, Custom Displays (DZ Series), Time and data distribution via Ethernet/LAN, Wireless time distribution, WTD, LED text panels, Indoor digital clocks, Outdoor digital clocks (DE series), Sports boards for indoor sports, School bells.

Manufacturers: Elekon

Interactive tables

Interactive boards - modern teaching technologies - Promethean. New projector generation – Hitachi. LED displays - TecnoVISION. Projection areas - MW. Touch control screens - EVOKO. Consoles for projectors, plasma and LCD screens and monitors - SMS.