Measurement and control

Constantly rising energy prices place increased demands on the quality of the MaR system. Our company offers a complete MaR system for the entire building. The mutual interconnection of the MaR system to control heat sources, individual heating circuits, cooling sources, air-conditioning units, blinds systems, light intensity measurements, or monitoring window opening in individual rooms is crucial for energy savings. Therefore, it is important that when designing the MaR system, all these aspects are taken into account and the individual systems communicate with each other. It is often the case that a supplier delivers the blind system, another one delivers the cooling units and another one delivers the control of the boiler room or the air-conditioning, whereas the interconnection of individual systems is not considered. Our company designs a complete MaR system for the entire building where a single control system for all parts of the MaR will be delivered to provide the most efficient operation of the building.

For further analysis of individual energy consumption, the system can read and archive data from individual energy meters. These are primary and secondary electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and calorimeters. The system uses modern and reliable buses like M-Bus to collect data. Wireless battery modules can be used for hard-to-reach meters.