Urban energy dispatching

The MED system allows the administrator of urban buildings to constantly oversee all technical security of urban buildings. The administrator therefore monitors air-conditioning, boiler room and cooling operation as well as power consumption monitoring in the properties - electricity, water and gas.

Monitoring is carried out at the dispatcher's workplace where the system is installed. Here, data from all monitored objects are downloaded and consequently evaluated.

Urban energy dispatching

Technical characteristics urban-energy-dispatching

The MED system evaluates data that are transmitted remotely from all monitored devices. In a user-friendly environment, it produces well-arranged energy consumption statistics or workings of individual devices.

DRemotely collected data from billing gauges are evaluated using a data concentrator (scoring unit) and transmitted to the logged-in administrator over the Internet. The system also lets you review your history.

The ability to convert the energy consumption of individual properties into financial statements is a great benefit for users. Further, due to remote data collection, there is no need for physical reading of individual gauges and creating manual statistics for all monitored objects.

In addition to passive monitoring of the consumption and operation of individual devices, the system offers the possibility to manually control the equipment operation and also the possibility of automated control of public lighting. Last but not least, the system automatically alerts the user regarding faults in individual devices.

A summary of the benefits that the Urban Energy Dispatch Dispatching brings to administrators of urban properties:

  • linking individual objects over the Internet
  • connection to the City Office network - creation of a dispatching centre
  • monitoring energy consumption - electricity, heat, water, cold, gas
  • an overview of the consumption of individual buildings and individual appliances
  • automated control of public lighting and lighting scenes according to set parameters (intensity, time range)
  • units
  • possibility of remote control
  • possibility of remote control of individual appliances consumption - depending on the current temperature, season
  • the available history of consumption of individual buildings or appliances → the deduction of energy intensity and the quality of objects
  • replacing existing physical reading of billing gauges
  • warnings about non-standard states (faults)v
  • a possibility to alert to failures either via the Internet or SMS to the person concerned
  • the technical supervision performed by EXAKT spol. s r.o.