Virtual dispatching VIDIPREG

VIDIPREG Virtual Dispatching is a program application located on a powerful server that creates data output linking from control systems, industrial application billing gauges and TZB systems with software modules for data visualizing, archiving and managing. Visualized and processed data is sent via the Internet to the user-defined PC stations, mobile phones, or tablets in the form of technological mnemonics, histograms, balance tables, alert SMS and fault or status statements.

Technical characteristics virtual-dispatching

Virtual Dispatching for Power Engineering VIDIPREG is a software application that is located in the cloud (on the Internet) on a powerful server in the data centre. This allows a huge number of clients to be connected to a single application. The VIDIPREG application includes not only visualization modules and data management and archiving modules, but also SIR XP v.8, ELVAX application modules that have been previously installed separately.

Furthermore, this application is linked to data outputs from all control systems and billing gauges of monitored objects. Up to several hundred objects can be linked to the application, depending on their size. The data that the application continuously draws are processed into the visualized screens. Screens prepared in this way wait for the owner or administrator of the object to be connected via the Internet to their virtual dispatching. Depending on the nature of the data and settings, the data is sent in the form of overview screens, histograms, balance tables, or error or status statements.

Whenever a user connects to his dispatch centre, he gets the current data - the application is created in the so-called real-time mode.

The application itself allows the user only passive data monitoring based on billing gauges (gas meters, water meters, etc.). However, if a customer wants to use the VIDIPREG system as a superstructure for a control system, they will buy a particular module (hotels - SIR XP v.8, manufacturing companies - ELVAX, etc.) and can also control the set parameters of these control systems thanks to it. In case of a customer, who already has some control system of EXAKT spol. s r.o., it will be transferred to the VIDIPREG application.

The use of VIDIPREG virtual dispatching brings a number of advantages over existing fixed dispatcher stations. The first and absolutely key advantage is the incomparable purchase price. Building a permanent dispatching centre is very costly due to the purchase of all the hardware equipment of the workplace and the necessary software licenses to use the visualization environment. On the other hand, the acquisition of virtual dispatching does not require the purchase of the entire license for the visualization environment, as it is uploaded to a virtual server and serves all VIDIPREG users. Consequently, users only pay a rent as a flat rate payment, the amount of which is incomparably lower than the cost of the new license. Furthermore, VIDIPREG does not require the acquisition of complete dispatcher workplaces but can be monitored from any computer connected to the Internet. In addition to computers, you can also connect to your system with tablets and smartphones. This will be especially appreciated by managers or property owners who can check the status of their property at any time, and most importantly from anywhere - owners and managers can use it for example when on holiday - just having a connection to the Internet is enough to get an accurate view of the situation in the properties. Also, during any negotiations, managers would appreciate that they can present their current businesses to their potential investors immediately on their phones even though they do not have a computer at their disposal at the moment.

In order to fulfil its monitoring function and be used to do troubleshooting in time each dispatching centre must have its dispatcher. With fixed dispatching centres, it is absolutely determined, at which computer a dispatcher sits. Of course, a virtual dispatching is also supervised by a dispatcher at his workplace, but virtually because of virtuality, the place of the dispatching management performance can move for extraordinary reasons - for example: for health status reasons, the dispatcher can monitor the dispatching from his home for a few days . This implies that virtual dispatching brings high dispatching comfort.

Another user benefit of the VIDIPREG dispatch centre is that all system updates will be performed by the company's staff automatically. Therefore, clients do not have to do any lengthy downloading and installing current versions.

In addition, VIDIPREG provides great security for all data compared to existing dispatcher computers. All the data that the system downloads from the gauges are backed up several times in the data centres - it is virtually impossible for a client to lose their data.

Last but not least, the 24-hour professional supervision is a great benefit of the system, which is performed by the staff of EXAKT spol. s r.o. This is to provide a fault warning if the dispatcher of the monitored object obviously does not solve it. The VIDIPREG virtual dispatching centre thus has the redundant supervision (supervision made by EXAKT spol. s r.o., the dispatcher of the monitored facility, or the owner or manager, as the case may be). This means that it is practically impossible for any neglected fault to cause a major accident in the property.